Checklist for Launching a Successful Internet Business (Part 1 of 2)

– Keywords and phrases Have you developed the key words and phrases that will ensure good placement in the search engines?

Remember, you can think up keywords yourself, you can see which key words your competitors are using, or you can simply pay a specialist company to find them for you. Once you’ve submitted your site to the search engines in all the keyword categories you want, it’s crucial to monitor your traffic carefully.

– Optimization Have you identified what you need to do to ensure that your site is fully optimized? Do you have the means or resources to effectively complete the task?

Once you’ve figured out the keywords, you have to decide where to put them and how. You also have think about link exchanges to improve your ranking even more. Remember, the more sites link to you, the higher your position in the search engines.

– Content Have you developed content that is not only attractive to your potential clients, but also search engine friendly? Do you have content and tools other than your main text that will assist with search engine ranking and drive visitors to your site?

Content has to contain persuasive sales text with a fine scattering of crucial keywords. You also have to update it as often as necessary–not so often that it gets in the way of your business, but often enough to keep fresh traffic pouring in and the site interesting and attractive.

– Traffic and promotion plan Do you have a plan for promoting your site and driving traffic to it?

There are all sorts of ways you can bring traffic to your site. I mention just a few of them–the ones that I’ve found the most effective. When you set up your Internet business, you should have your entire promotion campaign planned out in your mind. You should know which methods you want to use, and what to do if they don’t yield the results you want in the time you want.

– Target Market Have you identified your target market? Do you know how to reach them? Do you know what they want? Do you know how to attract them?

The more finely you target your marketing, the greater your sales rate will be and the higher your profits. Those high profits begin with a clear understanding of who your ideal audience is. Make sure you know your market before you even build your site, and keep it in mind as you prepare your promotions.