QuickPayPro is a remotely-hosted ecommerce automation system that includes a shopping cart system, secure, real-time credit card processing, digital product delivery, affiliate marketing system, ad tracking, mailing list manager and email marketing autoresponders.

This system is available at a reasonable monthly cost and is easy to set up on your website. Some of its other features are:

– Sell digital or “real” products and services.

– Single-product order form or full shopping cart version.

– Secure, real-time credit card processing, with or without a merchant account.

– Supports payment gateways such as 2CheckOut, PayPal, PaySystems, Revecom, Authorize.net, QuickCommerce, EMS and SkipJack.

– Digital product delivery with automatic download link expiration.

– Two-tier affiliate marketing system with real-time statistics for both your affiliates and yourself.

– Option to export affiliate commission payments to upload and pay via PayPal, or import into Quickbooks or other applications for automated check writing.

– Ad tracking system and sales calculators for web site and email advertising.

– Unlimited email mailing lists.

– Unlimited sequential follow-up autoresponders.

– Mail merge personalization.

– Customizable order and thank you pages to fit your site’s look and feel.

– Remotely-hosted – Manage account using any web browser.

Some Warnings

The fact is, just because you can make money on the Web, it doesn’t mean that the streets of the Internet are paved with gold. Like any opportunity, there are scams and hazards. As you set up your Web business it’s important to stay alert, use common sense, and keep your feet firmly on the ground.

First of all, don’t be tempted by get-rich-quick schemes that promise you instant wealth with no investment of time or effort. There are lots of these on the Internet. One of the most popular are those emails that fly around every now and then from someone claiming to be a wealthy political dissident who’s having trouble getting a huge sum of money out of their (normally African) country. They’ll ask you to open an account put some money in it and they’ll add the rest in return for a fat commission.

Lots of people have fallen for this scam. It’s real. And real stupid.

As soon as someone tells you they can make you rich–all you have to do is send them some cash–be sure they’re trying to scam you. The Web is just like the real world: if something looks too good to be true the chances are, it is.

And just like the real world, It takes money to make money. The Internet has provided a very economical way to do business and there are some inexpensive Internet marketing options; but marketing is imperative to the success of an online business and productive marketing campaigns do require some cash down. That might be money for search engine campaigns, payment for a programmer or a Web designer, or even just the fee for your hosting company, but you will need some money to get started; you get nothing for nothing.

I’m not going to promise you that there’s no risk involved here. There is. The size of the risk depends on how much you want to invest. You can start small with a cheap hosting company, a site you create yourself and so on. You’ll still make money like that; it will just take you a little longer. Alternatively, you can splurge right from the beginning by getting a pro to create your site and marketing it hard from the get-go. It’s entirely up to you.

Me, I started small and spent more money as it came in. How you do it will depend on how much spare cash you have and how confident you feel.