Contextual Marketing – The newest concept

This is a newly emerging but extremely targeted and effective form of promoting your online business. Consumers download specific software from a contextual marketing network organizer (such as Gator Corporation, Hotbar, Save, or WhenU) at no cost and install it on their desktops.

When the consumer is about to make a purchase for a specific product or service or is placing a search query for that item, the software will beam advertising messages from suppliers of that product or service, offering some incentive to the consumer such as discounts or promotion offers.

Through this facility, the advertiser (supplier) is getting an opportunity to promote his offering to a targeted consumer and that too at the point of sale or when there is an intention to buy. Thus contextual marketing offers a highly targeted marketing tool that connects the supplier with a genuine lead and spurs transaction.

The effectiveness of contextual marketing can be seen from the fact that response rates and conversion rates are from 5 to 20 times higher than the results from conventional online advertising.

Automating your website – E-Business Automation Systems

There are hundreds of websites emerging online everyday. Some survive, some don’t. Of these new businesses, many are one-person bands. Some are partnerships as well as a handful of others have formed a company with the view to operating 100% online.

The part which makes or breaks a business like this is the website management and maintenance. Don’t assume that once the site is online, your work is completed. If people are to return to the site, it will need to have fresh content in order to make the site “sticky”. Since this is the most important part of your online business it is very important to be able to keep the administrative tasks to a minimum. One of the best ways to achieve these objects is to automate all possible marketing as well as administrative procedures of online selling.

The ultimate in automation is when all automated functions can be pre-programmed to be carried out at regular intervals with an in-built scheduler. You can go on holidays and have everything carried out for you in your absence as if you were sitting at your terminal for the duration. There are many E-Business Automation Systems available that automate the entire web marketing procedure along with many of the redundant administrative tasks. This is like running your business on “Auto Pilot”.