I’ve long known that the humble ezine is one of the most powerful tools a business consultant can have. Here’s what you need to know so you can use it for maximum marketing success:

Direct mail is the #1 most important self-marketing tool you can use as a new or struggling consultant.

And why?

Because with direct mail you can create a list of prospects…your own custom list of “cherry picked”

potential clients.

Think about it. In every other form of self-marketing

(networking, article writing, etc.), you attract prospects, but they’re not “cherry-picked.” If you want Microsoft on your client list, then you have to target Microsoft. And the most direct, most accepted way to get in front of your target at Microsoft is to send a letter.

Virtually every other form of marketing ill “attract” your audience, but you can’t control exactly who responds. Only a direct mailing to a hand-picked audience will get you the cream of the crop.

Now while direct mailing may be very effective, it IS time-consuming and expensive.

Therefore you’ll want to use your direct mailings (and all other forms of self-marketing) to do one thing:

Drive your prospect to your web site where not only can they get to know you, but they can also sign up for your…

FREE ezine!

Once you get enough people signed up for your ezine, you can scale back on the direct mailings (or if you wish, cease them altogether).

Your free ezine is your #2 most important self-marketing tool. Now you can market to an interested audience cheaply and easily!

Savvy online marketers know that the ezine is the world’s most effective tool for converting leads. Some individuals and online businesses have made MILLIONS exploiting the power of the ezine to build relationships and convert leads!

So whatever you do…direct mail, public speaking,

articles, whatever…make one thing your goal always:

Get your prospect to your web site so they can sign up for your free ezine!

So, how do you do that without twisting arms?

Well, with bribery of course :)

The “power tool” for getting people’s names and addresses has always been “something free.” In lead-generation, which is what consultants must do to get clients, a free consultation, free information, or some other enticement is used.

Direct marketers know that the MOST effective free offer involves the solving of a “key pain” of the prospect.

For instance, as a copywriter for software companies, I know that marketing directors are “in pain” over ROI (return on investment). So I might entitle my free ezine the “Software ROI Generator.”

Now that’s a compelling title for a free ezine that

promises to solve a software marketer’s problems… but these days, with so much information available, it’s no longer enough just to have a great ezine title.

What works now is to offer something EXTRA for signing up, such as a free instant download of a free report…with yet another promise to solve a pain.

For the software marketing director who signs up for my free ezine, I might offer a free instant download of the report: “The 7 Hidden Revenue Sources Within Your Database That You Can Tap NOW for Instant Profit.”

You see…once again I prod at the “pain”…the constant concern over ROI.

What’s a hot button for your audience? If you don’t know, call them and find out! Most business people are happy to talk with a consultant who is doing earnest research to find out what their target market’s problems are.

Our job, after all, is to solve problems. That’s how

virtually EVERYBODY gets paid!