Nokia 7380 is a wonderful amalgamation of aesthetics with technology. Launched as a part of Lamour collection of fashion phones, it never ceases to win the admiration of users around the world. Mainly targeted at fashionable womenfolk, this device is apt to be flaunted around.

This phone comes in a pen shape mould that is loaded with the most advanced features. It gives a wonderful connectivity with its tri-band GSM along with a high speed data transfer with Bluetooth, EDGE and Infrared technology. With Nokia 7380, web browsing can be done at a high speed that keeps you linked to the world.

Nokia 7380 comes powered with 2 MP camera with a flash gives you great picture quality. You are also able to record video clips through this handset. As far as memory is concerned, it has a reasonably sufficient memory space of 54 MB that cannot be further expanded.

The looks of this petite phone will simply sweep you from your feet. As the 7380 has a beautiful cover made of a mirror that lends a glam look to this phone. But being a fashion phone also brings in some disadvantages of this handset. Like the keypad, if you are an avid sender of text messages then, operating on this phone will surely be a nightmare for you. It is literally without a keypad which is a major cause of concern for the user. Further, it has a small display which is totally invisible under sunlight. Also, the price of this stylish mobile phone is a little higher therefore it retains an exclusive clientele of some style freaks.

Nokia 7380 is a glam phone that is surely going to attract a lot of consumers towards it. When fashion rules the world, this phone is fit enough to be your style statement!