Over the years, the development of accessories has taken gaming to new levels of sophistication.

Nintendo Wii is no exception and brings to the gaming industry a product that will be popular with all members of the family, is reasonably priced, and is technologically sound. With the Wii, Nintendo has created an interactive experience. You will be left wondering how Nintendo did it. With the release of the Wii, Nintendo will be able to maintain it’s market presence and at the same time give its customers great value for money.

The Nintendo Wii has a set of accessories designed to provide more capabilities when playing games. Some of these accessories are as follows:

The Wii remote is a single-handed remote control device and is responsive to pointing, movements, as well as being user friendly. It has wireless functions and works using a short-range Bluetooth radio. You can use a maximum of four controllers at a distance of up to five meters from the Wii sensor. It is multi-functional and allows nimble use, can be used horizontally, as well as like a steering wheel. According to experts, the design will enable experienced players to hold a remote in each hand, or a Nunchuk in one and a remote in the other. Technically advanced, it can sense movement and orientation. The remote can identify linear motion along three axes. The optical sensor can determine the direction. According to CNET the pointer can get jerky or twitchy. And, the tilt control requires a light touch. The remote controls are not changeable and players have to stay with Wiis calibrations.

The Nunchuk is a device that can be plugged into the Wii remote. It has an analog stick and two buttons and can be used in games such as Red Steel and Twilight Princess. The Nunchuk also has motion sensors and allows gamers to perform specific character actions, like a spinning slash attack. According to popular opinion, the Nunchuk will become a very popular accessory.

The Nintendo Classic Controller is the classic-style expansion controller which can be used with the Wii remote slotted in to play games by using a traditional game pad. It is to be used to play existing games, virtual console games, and multiplatform games. It connects to the Wii remote through a cord.

Targetted at the gaming market, the Nintendo Wii may not be popular if buyers are looking for graphics and special effects. The main features of the Wii are it’s motion-sensing, remote , pseudo-reality controls, and internet capabilities. The whole family can enjoy playing with a Wii. You may need to buy a second controller for your family once you all have spent hours playing golf, bowling, and even boxing. You may not need to buy any other games than the ones which come packaged with the system. Some people only play the sports games that came with the Wii package. Playing Wii games may require you to bend your knees and step into the flow of things.