Waterless Car Washing and Detailing

Not long ago the hose, water, soap, Ajax, SOS pads and Windex were the tools for our car washing and detailing needs. The process of cleaning our vehicles was quite a drawn out affair. Today many people simply drive through a local carwash and boom their finished. Recently, a waterless car washing and detailing process was brought to my attention.

Occasionally and still today the urge to do the job rises and out come the toys to do the job. When I was told about a waterless product it naturally got my attention. I made arrangements to see the product in action. A few days later I hopped into the car and met my friend for lunch.

Although I really wasn’t very enthused about trying to review something new I had the time and thought, what the heck I’ve got to get some lunch anyway. So the whole effort wasn’t gonna be lost anyway. My friend and I talk fairly on the phone often so it would be nice to see him and visit. I don’t think that Al (my friend) was all that excited either.

Al who called and told me about this process brought with him a person that did a demo for us and answered our questions. I was so taken back that I haven’t used my normal toys and goodies since. We also discovered that this new process is cheaper than the drive thru’s, easy to us and my vehicle looks absolutely and surprisingly great!

We’ve been using this product for a few months now and I’m still excited about how great it really is to use. While letting go of old habits and routines easy easy I can’t resist getting out all the old stuff I used to use. This is one time that an ole dog learned new tricks! I’ve mentioned this process to other folks I run into and I haven’t had one person not show interest and want to hear my little story.

My son bought me a small hand held mop and I occasionally dust the car off. Frankly, that keeps my car looking nice and clean. As a senior I’ve pretty much so thought I’d seen it all, but here again I’ve learned something new about car washing and detailing.