Dear Partner,

Cointraffic is continuously improving its digital media platform and working hard on introducing new features and tools for better campaign performance. Most of these changes are done behind the scenes with no visual effect. This time we plan to make a huge change in a very important component of our platform: user interface!728bb2236439c2c24fa7df7150b8445b1a940cb5

Our UX team and developers did a great job providing a new, light and easy navigation interface that will be much faster and more comfortable to use!

Here are a few things you need to know:

– Current interface access will be discontinued on the 31st of July 12:59:59
– All active sessions will be logged out automatically
– Expected maintenance time for interface replacement is 20-30 minutes
– The new interface will become accessible at 13:30:00
– User credentials will remain the same; 2FA will be required at new login
– All your website data, settings and historical information will remain available in the new interface
– Active campaigns will continue working during frontend replacement.

Our support team is ready to assist you in case of any uncertainties.

We truly believe you will like our new interface.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments coming up from Cointraffic – the leading crypto advertising network!

Thank you!
Cointraffic Team