Technological improvements in the last forty years of the 20th century included improved communicatory technology and automated mania construction techniques. Busy lifestyles, easier home laundering and workplace changes embracing dress down Fridays, have encouraged a more relaxed attitude to clothing in many situations. Dress adapted to meet these needs.Technology has changed the world faster than many of us could have imagined, and continues to change it at a pace that is both exciting and daunting. More and more information is available to us everyday.

Nowhere can the effect of technological change be seen any clearer than in the securities markets. These markets handle trading volumes that were unimaginable a decade ago. Investors have benefited from these changes both in terms of choice and in terms of cost. Investors have access to more markets than ever before and they have this access more cheaply and more efficiently.

It was not convenient to talk with a person who were far much away from you, neither you could satisfy him/her in a short while but thanks to technology, We are communicating!!
We can check our e-mails in just a few moment, we can do the same thing in some of few minutes, which can take even a month without it.

Technology and in particular the Internet makes it easier for investors to cross national boundaries. Many investors are already able to view real-time quotes from foreign markets and consider foreign securities as viable alternatives for their portfolios. Electronic linkages also reduce the costs of trading directly in foreign markets, which makes it more affordable for investors who want to trade securities in those markets.

Technological advances also make it possible to consider shortening the time it takes to settle securities. Transaction. Before 1995, it took five days T+5. Now, it only takes three daysT+3. Within a few years, that time period may well be shortened even further to one day. Straight through processing holds out the promise of T+0 in other words, the process from trade execution through clearance and settlement will be instantaneous. Indeed, the Swiss Market although much smaller than the U.S. market already does this. The process of further shortening the settlement cycle will not be effortless.

The move from T+5 to T+3 required adjustments on everyones part including the retail investor. Shortening the settlement period further will also require market participants to adapt to new patterns of doing business.