One concept that has been and is continually being developed in some network marketing companies is fundraising for nonprofits. Some network marketing companies or their distributors have developed programs to allow all or most of the profits from sales to be given to specific charitable organizations. The nonprofit organization can become affiliated for a short or long-term fundraising program. Any sales made on their behalf will help them in their budgeting, and in turn help their programs to grow. Some network marketing professionals have chosen to participate exclusively in the fundraising portion of their MLM’s program.

Network marketing professionals use the term “Coaching” quite often. This should be taken seriously. When you coach a sports team, you help them to develop more athletic skills and improve their game. When you coach someone in network marketing, you are helping them to develop more people or business skills to improve their lives. The goal, usually, is to help them supplement or replace their current paycheck. You may help someone simply pay for their monthly electric bill, or you may end up helping someone acquire the home of their dreams. A little help is sometimes much more necessary than a lot of help, so start with the electric bill. They may be able to take the ball and run with it themselves at this point.

Your products or services can help others. Many network marketing companies offer products that are superior to off-the-shelf products. Many network marketing companies offer customer service that is far superior to current traditional business customer service. Many network marketing professionals offer customer service, knowledge and experience far superior to traditional retail stores. The combination of these aspects can create a very nice loyal customer base, which have actually seen or felt benefits from your products or services.

Network Marketing and Harming Others

Be honest with yourself and others! Beware of false claims, things that are too good to be true and companies that ask you to claim things they can’t or don’t claim themselves. Network marketing companies have lawyers on staff, you probably never will. Be careful what your company or upline asks you to claim. Since you are in business for yourself as an independent distributor, you are legally responsible for any false or misleading claim that you choose to make.

An example: An independent distributor who claims his product will cure AIDS is solely responsible for that claim. Any customer that does not achieve that result has the legal right to sue the independent distributor, not the company, not his upline. Neither the company, nor the upline made the claim to this individual.

BEWARE of false claims, things that are too good to be true and anything that the FDA would not allow any company to claim.

Honesty is your best policy. If you have found great benefits from your product or service, there is no law against letting others know what you’ve personally experienced. If you believe in your products, let others know why. Any product that needs hype or outright lies to get a sale isn’t a good product to sell. In this case, maybe you should think about searching out a better product line to represent.

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