Multiple sclerosis is not a very spread condition, but it can do a lot of damage. Multiple sclerosis affects the nerves of your central nerve system, causing many problems. Depending on the symptoms that you have, multiple sclerosis can be of three types. The type of multiple sclerosis that one can suffer from are: relapsing- remitting, secondary progressive and primary progressive multiple sclerosis.

The first type of multiple sclerosis is relapsing remitting. In almost seventy percent of all multiple sclerosis patients, this condition starts with relapsing and remitting. What this actually means is that in this case of multiple sclerosis, there are periods of relapse that can come quite sudden and periods of remission. In the relapse period of multiple sclerosis, the symptoms will flare up, sometimes out of the blue. This period will be followed by a remission one, in which the multiple sclerosis symptoms have the tendency to improve. The secondary progressive multiple sclerosis type can appear after you have had the fist type of multiple sclerosis for a longer period of time. In this second multiple sclerosis case, the remission periods will start to shorten and the symptoms of multiple sclerosis to agravate. More than half of the multiple sclerosis patients that have suffered from the first type of multiple sclerosis will develop the second progressive type in almost ten years. The third multiple
sclerosis type is primary progressive. This is the worst case of multiple sclerosis that one can suffer from. Almost three out of twenty people suffering from multiple sclerosis have no period of remission and their multiple sclerosis symptoms get worse by the days. In this particular multiple sclerosis case, the live expectancy period is reduced.

Multiple sclerosis is a very unpredictable disease. There can be as many as ten years between flare-ups of multiple sclerosis. Others may have these multiple sclerosis flare- ups more frequent. If men develop multiple sclerosis in their middle age and it is also the first time that they have multiple sclerosis, the progress of the disease can be very rapid and can cause a lot of damage. To diagnose multiple sclerosis is not a very easy thing. Doctors must do some tests, see what the symptoms are and rule out other medical conditions before diagnosing you with multiple sclerosis. An MRI, a spinal tap or neuropsychological tests are some of the procedures that a doctor has to do to confirm the multiple sclerosis diagnose.