Regular bikes compared to mountain bikes may have a smoother ride and are slower and heavier but are great for riding on the street. You can find information about mountain biking online or in magazines; they are geared toward beginners or professionals. Mountain biking is not really thought of as exercising but it is a great way to burn many calories.

If your interested are off-road you will need bike that can handle the terrain so you will need some big treads and a good suspension to handle the bumps and holes so get a good mountain bike, if you are just riding for fun then a regular bike will do. There are so many different styles of mountain bikes so when you are looking to purchase one make sure it fits the terrain you will be taking it on and make sure it fits your riding style. If you are going to be rough on your bike and plan on going through gravel, dirt and jumping off hills you definitely need a mountain bike.

The chassis on a mountain bike is sometimes referred to as the skeleton, this is a term that refers to the fork, frame and suspension and is looked at as one unit. Mountain bikes are equipped with knobby tires, large number of gears and handle bars that are wider; they also include shocks and a much stronger suspension. You can choose from many different suspensions on your bike, make sure the suspension you choose is going to fit the type of cycling you intend for it. These used to be the most common kind of mountain bike but they are rapidly being replaced by the more comfortable models which feature some sort of suspension system. They have had front suspension on bikes for a while now; the rear suspensions have just come into the market place, it took longer because of all of the design complexities.

Of course, there are many other things to consider when purchasing a mountain bike, but for the beginner, it’s best to just narrow it down to how much you want to spend and what kind of suspension you’re going to want.

If you want to ride your mountain bikes look for trails that are suited for mountain bikes. If you don’t have any trails or jumps, you can build them.

When you first try the toe clip style of pedal you might want to spend some time getting use to it, it will take some practice. Getting a feel for your pedals while first sitting on your bike, keep one foot on the ground and practice moving your foot away from the pedal.

If you have clip less foot pedals or toe clips, you will want to practice this quite a bit. Turn your bike upside down, move the pedals and shift gears. The pedals can also use a regular application of lubricant.

The purchase of your helmet should be at least as important as buying your bike. About 90 percent of the people riding can reduce head trauma just by wearing a helmet. Cost shouldn’t be a factor as a good helmet can be acquired for around $25-$45.