All desires leave you in bondage with who you are not.

Some desires appear to be worse than others for they appear to leave you in a bigger mess. Pursue any desire and it will always give you trouble. How could they do otherwise?

Why desire at all when all desire is destined to failure and bondage?

Even desiring a state of “freedom from desire” will not set you free. Nothing can set you free, because you are already free. Who you are is freedom itself.

See yourself with desireless clarity, that is all.

Realize that who you are is this “motion of life” that is looking through your very eyes right now. It is the same “motion of life” that is behind your eyes, looking through your eyes, standing before your eyes, sustaining all that is perceived – seen and unseen.

It is that in which all things are created, sustained and die. Who you are is that. This is who you are.

All you are suffering – and have ever suffered – is a case of mistaken identity. You have believed yourself to be a person – a body and mind. When all along in fact, you have been and are nothing but this very “aliveness” that sustains all things, this one that is the very backdrop of existence.

It is love. It is completely independent of all “arising.” It is a “rock like mass” of nothingness from which all things are “begotten.”

Being who you are will have you standing completely free from who you think you are, immediately.

It is here – and only here – that the journey of self discovery begins. Self discovery begins with your freedom from what you are not.

No amount of who you think you are, or “gained” experience, is going to deliver you to who you already are. There is no getting around the surrendering of who you think you are to the “actualisation” or “motion of alignment” of your conscious attention to who you are already – the one that is this “motion of seeing” that is flowing through your eyes right now.

Here, you will come to discover the wondrousness of self, the heart. Not as a “someone” looking.