Increase the flow of money into your life with these simple but powerful tips:

1. Modify what you think and feel about money; find a way to think positively and feel good about it, even if youve gotten yourself into a temporary jam.

2. Be open both to expected and unexpected ways to increase the flow of money.

3. Give when it feels like the right thing to do, but dont ever do it out of guilt or due to manipulation – see #1.

4. Act when it feels right to act. If you feel genuinely afraid or have an unpleasant gnawing in your gut, trust your instincts – it usually means you still have some unfinished business elsewhere to take care of before proceeding. On the other hand, if the fear you feel is just a nervous excitement and you know in your gut youll be ok, its probably time to suck it up and act.

5. Make sure youre following fundamental guidelines regarding money. Spend less than you earn. Go easy on the credit usage – the less the better. When you use credit, youre lining someone elses pockets with your future earnings in the form of interest payments. If youre carrying debt, create a plan to get out of debt, set it on autopilot and start focusing on growing your income. After your debts are paid off (with the exception perhaps of your home mortgage) – start putting away at least 10% of everything you earn into a 401K or other investments you are comfortable with (always get professional advice before making any significant money decision and realize that you alone must make the final judgment about whether to proceed or not – everyones situation is unique.)

Do all of the above and your money flow will surely grow. If there is one single tip to focus on more than the others, its #1: feel good about money. Make your peace with it. Realize money is just a tool to be mastered and that only the misplaced love of it is the root of evil. Dont listen to negatives stories of loss and anger about money. Feel good about sharing money when the time is right – greed is a negative emotion that will eventually block the flow of money into your life. Realize that there is more than enough money in the world to meet all your needs and the needs of everyone else around you. Dont give your money fears the time of day – focus on building plans, taking action, having faith and feeling good about money.