The law of attraction simply states that events happen because of the energies we give out. This happens regardless if we do it intentionally or not.

If this is so, we must emit only the positive energies so we can attract only the good, right?

Unfortunately, this is the mistake some people make. Just because the law of attraction states that the good that we give out is also reciprocated by another good thing, we have no assurance that everything that will come back to us will be just good.

Why is this so? If we look at the definition of the law of attraction, it talks about the arbitrary nature of things that happen to us. These occur because of the energies that we unintentionally give out.

Consequently, we have no control over situations and events that arrive at our doorsteps. In the same way, we cannot tie a rope around the negative or positive energies that are released.

Because we believe only on the obvious, we raise hell whenever something negative comes, thinking that we have become victims of other people’s negative wishes. A lot of us are quick to point the blame at other people for our fates, not realizing that, if the law of attraction is considered, what happens to us is caused by what we give out.

For instance, we tell somebody that we are going to help him clean out his garage this Sunday. Because we said so, we ultimately expect that that other person will also offer to help clean out our garage the following Sunday. However, we become surprised when this does not happen. We get frustrated and say that there is no truth to the law of attraction. This is our folly. We have unfounded interpretation about the law of attraction.

The problem lies not in the ‘faulty’ definition of the law of attraction but on our faulty interpretation of the entire concept. If we truly want to live good lives, we can stop relying on the law of attraction and just learn to simply live good lives.

Should something negative come, then we should accept this as part of normal living and not a consequence of energies. The mistake that people make in living is in the erroneous concepts we carry. Why don’t we just let go of misinterpreted concepts and just continue living and coping with fate?

We are all huge magnets of various events – good or bad. All the law of attraction can do is to tell us that there exist positive and negative energies. It is by no means a method of preventing ill events from coming into our lives. As the popular song goes, we only get what we give (whether deliberately or unintentionally!).