Newly bought clothes can’t wait to be worn! But the odor above is so big, can you wear it without washing? How to remove the odor? How to clean the clothes of different textures?


What is the taste on the new clothes?

In order to prevent the clothes from yellowing and wrinkling, the merchants often spray formaldehyde on the clothes. In addition, the new clothes also contain other additives, preservatives, adhesives and other chemical products. These agents can guarantee the quality and shape of new clothes, but they can cause harm to the human body.

Odor damage to the human body

The main smell on the new clothes comes from formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a colorless, highly irritating gas that is easily soluble in water. Formaldehyde is an organic raw material, also known as formalin, which is commonly used in the plastics industry, synthetic fibers, leather industry, pharmaceuticals, dyes, etc., and has strong bactericidal and antiseptic properties.

Formaldehyde mainly has a stimulating effect on the skin and mucous membranes of the human body. When the concentration is too high, people will feel redness, itchy skin, itchy eyes, throat discomfort, sore throat, chest tightness, shortness of breath, dermatitis, cough, sneezing, allergies and other symptoms. In severe cases, it can cause cancer to become a tumor. , or shock death.

How to remove new clothes and smells?

1, normal cleaning

Some people like to buy new clothes directly for ventilation, but this does not completely remove the industrial additives on the clothes. Because the nature of formaldehyde is easily soluble in water, so the new clothes bought are like washing clothes as usual, soaking in washing powder for a while or overnight, then normal cleaning, exposure to the sun, the smell on the clothes will disappear, this method is absolutely Most new clothes are effective.

For odors, if the clothes are not specially required, the odor can be removed by multiple washing and exposure.

2, other methods

In addition to normal cleaning, some people will use the following cleaning methods to remove odor: 1) salt water soaking: salt has the effect of sterilization, odor removal, soaking in salt water overnight and then washing. Some high-end clothes such as sweaters should not be easily soaked in salt water. 2) Odor replacement: While cleaning and removing odor, it is also possible to add a freshener such as a softener or a toilet water to increase the aroma of the clothes while removing the odor.

Tip: How to clean new clothes of different textures?

1, lace texture

A wide range of lace textures are more difficult to wash, and when you are careful, you will be hooked to the laces. Before cleaning, shake off most of the dust on the clothes. It is best to wash the lace clothes separately, wash them carefully, or put on gloves to prevent the nails from damaging the clothes. If other clothes are washed together, you can wash the lace clothes. This will protect the clothes well. If it is a washing machine, be sure to cover it with a laundry hood to reduce the damage.

2, sweater

High-grade woolen clothes and woolen hair should not be washed with water, and should not be soaked with hot water, otherwise it will cause the clothes to deform and shrink. For ordinary sweater clothes, first turn the sweater over, choose a mild neutral detergent, soak it in water at about 30 °C for a while, squeeze the moisture of the clothes by hand, do not wring it out, and try to dry it. Reduce the stretch of the clothes and prevent deformation. There is a flat drying rack that can spread clothes on top, which is the best way to dry the sweater.

3, suit

Suits, high-grade wool, woolen clothes are best dry-cleaned, and the best care can maximize the life of the clothes. When washing clothes, dirty clothes such as underwear and socks should be washed separately. High-grade clothes and ordinary clothes should be washed separately. Dark clothes and light-colored clothes should be washed separately.