Mercedes-Benz the producer of high-quality Mercedes head gaskets has produced its first seven-seat luxury SUV and named it the GL450. The production of the GL450 also marks the beginning of a new segment. The GL450 is joined by its two American cousins- the M-Class and the R-Class vehicles which are both manufactured in the companys Alabama plant.

The muscular bearing of the GL450 highlights its bold lines and distinguished it Mercedes heritage. The GL450 possess distinctive circled triangle Mercedes-Benz logo found on the center of the two-bar grille. At the side it has stylish look, flared wheel wells and an accent crease found along the belt line which provides the illusion of motion. The single glass panel which was the result of privacy glass covering that runs on the entire side of the vehicle also gives the impression of motion even when the vehicle is not moving.

The GL450 is one good-looking vehicle whichever angle you look at it. Its rear-end is also quite stunning. Its square-off bumper and D pillars that accentuates the height and the proportions of the rear glass, tailgate and rear bumper, along with a pair of charming taillights and dual, rectangular tailpipe tips roundup its compelling feature.

The GL450s high-tech halogen projector-beam headlights are consists of three individual chrome tubes but if you prefer high-intensity xenon gas-discharge headlights for more visibility you may do so since it is offered as an option. Aside from halogen lights, Turn Assist fog lights are also great in illuminating dark areas of the road. The lighting package is priced at $900 and it comes with a headlamp washing system.

Under the bonnet the GL450 has a 4.6 liter 335 horsepower V8 engine that revs up 339 pound-feet of torque at only 2700 rpm. It is mated to a seven speed adaptive electronic automatic transmission with 4MATIC full-time four wheel drive. It is also equipped with a Downhill Speed Regulation (DSR), hill-start assist and a special off-road ABS algorithm that aid drivers during off-road excursions.

The GL450 can also sprint from 0 to 60 mph in a matter of 7.4 seconds. Its electronically limited top speed is 130 mph. and of course since its made by Mercedes-Benz you can be sure that its loaded with safety features. To start off its unibody platform has key energy absorbing features plus theres also a lot of crumple zones that strengthen and reinforce the safety of the passenger cell.

The other safety features of the GL450 are the following: three-point inertia-reel seat belts, electronically-controlled belt tensioners and belt-force limiters at all window seats, two-stage front airbags, standard window curtain airbags, air-filled cushion, anti-lock brakes, electronic stability program and brake assist. The GL450 has enough sensors that would make NASA jealous.

In terms of interior design, the GL450 SUV is equipped with high quality materials that abound with craftsman-like attention to detail. Everything about it screams luxury. The base price of the GL450 is $55,675.