Health care providers, such as physicians, dentists, nurses among others, have the responsibility to treat their patients in their ailments. Thus, any of them who fail to follow the accepted standards and procedures of giving proper medications to their patients, which leads to further severity of their sickness, may be held liable for medical malpractice.

It is indeed the obligation of the government to protect the people from being engaged in these situations wherein they search for wellness but rather given further harm. Most of the various states in the U.S. have ratified certain statutes in their law to deal with the increasing number of medical malpractice incidents which some say as one of the causes of the emergence of a “medical malpractice crisis.” However, the victims of those medical service providers must first satisfy all the conditions set by the law before being able to file a medical malpractice in the proper court.

There is a variety of state laws which differs in their approach regarding the issue. Some states require a thorough understanding of the court proceedings as well as the enacted laws while in the others a bit of knowledge about the law is just enough to file a medical malpractice claim. They also vary in provisions regarding the manner of arbitration. Some states make use of a special panel to examine the cases while some just limit the amount of damages that the victims may acquire.

Due to the passing of these laws, a wide range of arguments occur on how beneficial these laws would be to the both parties; the health care providers and the public. It is said that this would create a great impact on the costs of health care services, lowering it to a certain level which is quite fair and reasonable. These laws would also force the health workers to perform their duties more promptly and with extreme caution, ensuring the people of getting the right treatment for their ailments. These would mean a higher standard of health care services coming from our doctors and nurses.

On the contrary, most of the health care workers maintain their grievances against these laws which they say are very much unfair for them. A number of them even lobbied to the U.S. congress to repel these laws which greatly affect their noble profession. They also asserted that these laws would only lessen the number of individuals who would like to pursue a career in the field of medicine. Consequently, there may not be enough doctors to cure the sick in the near future, they exclaimed.

But whatsoever the line of reasoning may be, it is still the well-being of the majority that should prevail. Yet, the rights of the medical malpractice victims should be given proper justification by letting them acquire reasonable monetary damages. They should also be given legal assistance from a competent personal injury lawyer to help them in their pursuit of justice.

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