Looking for a Matrimonial Solicitor in London? If you are then you should ensure that the Lawyer that you are looking to hire is properly qualified.

The most common methods of qualification are a normal undergraduate law degree or a degree in any subject. This can then be followed by a one year course (until recently) called the Common Professional Exam and now renamed the Graduate Diploma in Law. There are other ways of gaining experience. For example, spending time as a clerk to magistrates, or taking exams set by the Institute of Legal Executives (ILEX).

Aysha Vardag is a fully qualified
Matrimonial Solicitor in London and has years of relevant experience in both family law and matrimonial law.

The approach taken by many lawyers is often not suitable for cases involving children and families. Because of this it is
advisable that you ensure the lawyer you are hiring has knowledge and experience dealing with cases like yours.

Aysha Vardag has many years experience dealing with all issues which relate to family law and matrimonial law. Inlcuding the

following areas:

* Cohabitation & separation
* Children
* Pre-nuptial agreements
* Civil partnership
* Living arrangements
* Finance & property

Ayesha Vardag is supported and backed up by a team of talented and enthusiastic in-house legal assistants. They work closely with leading members of the Family Law Bar, to achieve, for her clients, an integrated team approach. This approach has been of great value to all her clients and has helped Ayesha gain a reputation as a leading lawyer in London for this area of expertise.

If you are looking for a Matrimonial Solicitor London or information on family law then please contact Ayesha Vardag.