When writing a marketing research article I believe that one of the most overlooked areas for doing marketing research is Google AdWords.

For those of us already doing online sales & marketing, our first stop for composing a marketing research article would be to thoroughly discuss using Google AdWords in market research. It is a well known fact that much market research can be done very quickly and inexpensively using AdWords.

Let’s say we’re putting together a marketing research article about the viability of a new product we’re contemplating bringing to market online. I’ll say that the product is a hard print edition of a weekly newsletter full of tips and tricks for real estate appraisers.

In compiling my marketing research article I would suggest a Google AdWords Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign where I would see if there is any interest in a report like this. I can do (and actually often do) put together an AdWords campaign where I offer a free 7-Part mini course designed to (hopefully) interest my target market, in this case real estate appraisers.

I might call the report “How To Avoid the 7 Biggest Mistakes Made by Real Estate Appraisers Today!” with the realization that most people will act to avoid something faster than they will act to implement something positive.

I direct people who click on my ad to a Name Squeeze page (also called an Opt In page) where they can enter their name & email address in order to receive my report.

Now, in addition to gathering data for my marketing research article I am also collecting contact information for possible customers, should I go ahead with my product release. And I am seeing just how much interest might be generated by my product release. If I cannot get a good response giving something away to this market they probably won’t be interested in buying my product.

So, when doing a marketing research article always remember to include the possibility of using Google AdWords in your marketing research article.