I have a question for you: When someone signs up to receive your ezine or other Free Taste of what it is that you’re offering, where do they end up?

Do they see a polite thank you page from you? Or do they see the default confirmation page from your list service? Or do they see nothing and are left wondering if the registration went through?

People who are signing up for your list expect to see a page afterwards as a normal part of the transaction. On that page, it’s important to thank them for signing up and make them feel good about their decision. Also, if you’re using a double opt-in for your list, let them know that they need to confirm their subscription before they will receive the information they requested from you.

But there’s much more you can do with this page, so why not leverage it? Here’s a few ideas as to how:

1. Add Tell-A-Friend

Most people are happy to refer you to someone else they know who might benefit from what you’re offering, if you’ll just ask them.

You can do this easily by simply asking them to point others to your sign-up page, or by using a simple referral software program, like TAFPro, which creates a simple form to fill in with a name and email address of the person they are making the referral to. Once they hit send, an email gets sent directly to the recipient and a copy comes to you as well.

This is a great way to add new subscribers to your list without you having to do more work.

2. Make another offer

The best time to make an offer to someone is when they are already engaged with you. Someone who has just signed up to receive information from you is likely to be interested in something else you have to offer. Use this page to make an offer on one of your lower ticket items in your funnel. By doing so, you’ll gain sales that you wouldn’t otherwise.

3. Ask a question

This is a prime time to gather a little market research from your readers. Ask a simple question, like “What’s your biggest challenge with X?” (X being your niche or what it is that your offering). Add an email link where they can send their answer, and then use this information as you continue to develop offerings for your target market.

Doing this also helps in starting to build a relationship with your readers, and it keeps you up-to-date as to what they are struggling with right now so you can offer the solutions they most want.

4. Refer them elsewhere

Hook up with a colleague to start trading some thank you page traffic. On your thank you page, say something like, “I know you’ll also benefit from (name of ezine) published by (name of publisher).” Then give them instructions on how to sign up. Your colleague would do the same for you on their thank you page.

I implement all four of these strategies on various thank you pages, which are helping me build a stronger relationship with my readers, find out what it is that they most want my help with, build my list faster and easier (while helping a handful of colleagues build theirs), and make more sales by making more offers.

I encourage you to leverage your thank you pages this way in your own business. Making them work double-duty for you will absolutely create the same results for you that I’m enjoying, so pick one and start working it today.

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