Those who make money on eBay know that product listing is important to success. That success is measured in the percentage of listed items that actually sell, as well as the final price that is received for items. In fact, quality product listing is really one of the most important keys to eBay success.

If you decide that the time is right to add a product lister, whether full-time or part-time, then a word of caution to start. Be sure to check all of the local, state and federal laws and regulations regarding conducting a business from your home. Remember that there are specific rules and regulations regarding employees. Be sure to understand and adhere to all of them. Adding personnel can help you make money on eBay when it done correctly.

Great candidates for product listing will have some very specific qualities. Those with Data Entry experience seem to do well. However, creating listings require other traits as well. Be sure to interview for the following:
* Good memory – This helps in recalling previous like-listings that have been completed.
* Speed – Time is money! It is critical the person be quick in listing and then moving to the next listing.
* Must be creative – This can be a big step from what was learned in previous data entry positions.
* Dependable – There is nothing worse than expecting someone to show up on a day when listings are discounted and then finding out the employee is not coming to work!
* Able to handle repetitious tasks
This isnt everything. However to make money on eBay requires these skills and competencies and more.

To Your eBay Success!