Sailing on the coast of Maine is a unique experience. Sailing here is also called as windjamming. Windjamming is done on board special crafts called schooners that are bigger than yachts, having more than two masts. Schooners glide noiselessly along the water due to their larger mast area. Maine has about 14 schooners, all of which are occupied by people over the peak season. Some of the more famous schooners are the Victory Chimes, Timberwind, J. and E. Riggin and the Mary Day among others.

Schooners were originally designed to transport cargo. Hence, they are spacious. They can accommodate 6 to 40 people including the crew and the deckhand. No prior knowledge is required before boarding a schooner. In fact, if you are enthusiastic enough, the crew would like to teach one or two tricks, thus making the sailing more exciting. Schooners dont allow very young children; hence it is necessary to check with them beforehand.

The beauty of the Maine coast lies in the various islands that dot its coastline. Most of the islands are deserted. Windjammers anchor their schooners here and spend whole afternoons exploring their beaches. Other islands are tiny fishing villages where people sustain on handicrafts apart from fishing. Windjammers find it quite charming to interact with these natives, learn about their quaint customs and even buy a couple of their artifacts. Sailing along the Maine reveals new experiences each day. The entire sailing vacation lasts roughly a week.

When on board, the daytime is spent glued to the binoculars and observing elusive sea sights. Windjammers can see tortoises, porpoises and even whales surfacing out of the water. Apart from the sights, one important aspect of Maine windjamming is building camaraderie and lasting friendships with people aboard the schooner. Schooners also provide poke boats to people with which they can go individually to smaller inaccessible places along the coasts. Food may be on some beach or even on deck. During nighttimes, the schooner may be anchored on one of the islands and people may enjoy a campfire, or remain sailing and admire the beauty of the night of stars.

Maine windjamming is an experience unlike any other. As schooners are wind-driven, each cruise along the coast of the Maine will be different. There is always something for everyone to do on board. It is an ideal location for family and office get-togethers. A week aboard a Maine windjammer could cost approximately $1000.