Anyone who has ever wanted to be real estate investor, or to become an investor in the foreign property market, should consider buying real estate in Costa Rica. The purchase of land in Costa Rica not only diversifies your financial portfolio, but also allows you to acquire assets in a real estate market at a time when the investment could soon be very lucrative indeed.

If it has always been a dream of yours to live in a tropical paradise, then Costa Rica is the place for you! As a country with a stable economy, and home to more than 4 million people, this would be a sound financial investment in a friendly and peaceful country.

With so many square miles of land available for purchase currently, it has become relatively hassle-free for foreigners to enter into the market of investing into Costa Rica land. One of the main benefits is not only the abundance of ocean view property, but also that anyone looking for Costa Rica beachfront property can purchase it at a fraction of the cost as compared to buying it within their home country. This huge cost savings has made it affordable for modest income earners around the world.

Another benefit to purchasing Costa Rican property is land ownership. Unlike other countries where only citizens of the country are allowed to own land, in Costa Rica, land ownership is granted regardless of citizenship. With such a large amount of undeveloped land available, and foreigners being able to legally own, it brings the investor one step closer to purchasing in beautiful Costa Rica.

A third benefit to purchasing Costa Rica land for sale would be the minimal property taxes required. Anyone previously paying property tax in a large city will be amazed at how affordable the property tax in Costa Rica will be. (It is only about $350/year US, for a 5-acre parcel as of late 2006.)

A fourth benefit to investing in Costa Rica is the exceptional value you get for your money. In Costa Rica, a real estate investor is able to spend less money, but acquire more acreage and build a larger square foot home. This equates into an investor being able to buy more real estate at a more affordable price. Based on this, acquiring Costa Rica real estate will be a great way for you to climb onto the property ladder as a first time real estate investor.