The opportunity to create a little girls bathroom for your young daughter(s) can be a very interesting experience into the world of little girls bathroom décor and fixture selection.

Experience has taught me that the most important accessories in a little girls bathroom are “frilly” towel bars and light fixtures as well as a very nice artistically inspired faucet set. The little girls bathroom is more about décor and decorating than actual fixture placement although that does not mean for a moment that if you have the opportunity to maximize your floor space and fixture placement.

Your little girls bathroom might be decorated around a theme if you wanted to go that far or it might be more subtle with soft pretty little girls bathroom colors. Any color scheme that is a soft, feminine hue qualifies as long as it meets the approval of the little girl.

Which brings up another point; you want to always keep her involved in the decision making process. Selecting paint colors, wallpaper and trims can be an exciting time for her so make sure to keep her “in the loop”. It will make the little girls bathroom even more her own after she has hand a major role in its development.

One final note. Make certain that the entire bathroom remodeling project is well-documented with pictures as you go along. Whether it’s your little girl tearing old wallpaper off of the wall or Daddy underneath the new sink or Sis with paint all over her face, these memories recorded in all of their digital glory will be the smiles on your little girl’s face long after the little girls bathroom is gone.