Type 1 Little Giant Ladder System is a new protégé of Wing Enterprises. Recent dramatic price reduction as well as increase in warranty period from 5 years to a Lifetime makes Type 1 LittleGiant line very attractive for professionals and homeowners looking for quality, safety, and versatility at affordable cost.

Type 1 Little Giant Ladders were introduced in the fall of 2001. Originally based on the Medium Duty/Commercial Use Type 2 they incorporate extra enhancements such as upgraded Lock Tab Assemblies and extra riveting to meet Heavy Duty/ Industrial Use 250lb government rating. Although an excellent ladders they always stayed in the shade of widely advertised Type 1A Little Giant Ladder Systems.

So, what happened? The keystone of LittleGiant design is the ingenious hinge assembly. As soon as the patent for it expired, almost every ladder manufacturer came up with its own multifunction ladder looking very similar to that of the Wing Enterprises.

We- professionals with years of experience on the ladder market believe that Little Giant ladders are still unmatched. Contractors that have been using LittleGiant for years would never even think to trade it for any other ladders in the world. But how would you influence a first time buyer to pay higher prices for seemingly “the same” product? The answer is simple: price and information. TV infomercials teach customers about the virtues of the Little Giant Ladder System, price policy fights the competition. For customers it is a Win-Win situation.

Among the winners who bought Type 1 Little Giant Ladders are our “walk in” customers: General contractors, Home Inspectors, Painting Contractors, and Homeowners – people that need compact, lightweight and strong ladder of ultimate quality and functionality. Unfortunately on-line buyers don’t have that privilege to compare different size and duty rated ladders side by side, try to operate them and find the perfect one. Hopefully this article helps to bring them to the winners’ team.

Final ladder shopping advice. Never take for granted that your ladder distributor utilizes the customer oriented approach. In strive of getting higher commission customers are often persuaded to get more expensive larger and heavier models which leads to further frustration. Be a smart one. Learn your needs, better yet try before you buy and win.

About the Author

K.Kravchenko is heading www.LadderDepot.com- online Little Giant Ladder sales division of Sunset ladder co.- specialized ladder and scaffolding distribution company since 1929.