Two weeks ago my daughter, Christy, and I were having a conversation. She stated that most girls have the kind of mom who share a spa day with them, who invite them to go get their nails done together or try out a new hairstyle.

We both laughed at her words, because I was opposite from this kind of mom. In fact, my daughter ended the conversation with the statement, “Instead I get a mom who wants to save the world. And on top of it you dragged me into doing it too!”

I don’t know what I would do without my daughter, I trust her completely. She edited my book. She edits every article I write and of course made some of the article writing hers. Three of the titles were her ideas and she also is building my website

Christy has three children. Samuel is always reminding me that he is going to be four very soon. Paige just turned 2 and Sofia is 6 months. All are very energetic and Christy must give up sleep in order to work for me.

Her faith in God is great and she endeavors to teach her children the same principles. She is all about living a Christian life and being a faithful and loving wife to her husband and a loving and good mom to her children. I tell her all the time that she comes from a long line of great Christian mothers.

You would never believe that Christy had ever experienced anything but good in her lifetime. Most people believe that you can’t be so grounded and be such a good person if something bad has ever happened to you. You just had to have lived a charmed life!

The common phrase we always hear is ‘bad things always happen to bad people’. Yet what people think is truth is often a lie. The real truth is that bad things happen to good people because our world is under the rule of Satan.

John 5:19, “We know that we belong to God even though the whole world is under the rule of the Evil One.”

When Christy was five and attending kindergarten the worse possible thing happened in her life. Her parents divorced and she and her brothers became the ponds in a huge custody battle.

I suppose this custody fight wouldn’t have been so traumatic if it weren’t for the fact that our family was so religious. Her dad was an ordained deacon and his father was a Baptist minister. My own sister and her husband were in full time ministry and I our family came from a long line of ministers and missionaries.

Everything Christy was ever taught was about obeying God and serving in church. You see in 1986 divorce was a very big sin! Yet there is a sin that is bigger than divorce and that is the sin of being gay! I would go as far as to say that for the church it is even bigger than murder!

Churches preach that homosexuality is wrong! Using Sodom and Gomorrah as a story illustrating God’s hatred of gays. But they quietly leave out scripture that leaves out the real reason for the destruction of these cities.

2 Peter 2:6, “God condemned the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, destroying them with fire, and made them an example of what will happen to the godless.”

The scripture specifically states that it was not about sexual sin, but about godlessness. Never the less churches, families, and society throw out their gay family members because the churches skip these scriptures.

Because Theologians and religious historians refuse to set the record straight, homosexuals are deprived of their children and denied justice in the courts. They are humiliated, persecuted, killed and despised all in the name of God.

Ezekiel 16:48-50, “As surely as I am the living God, the Sovereign Lord says, ‘your sister Sodom and her villages never did the evil that you and your villages have done. She and her daughters were proud because they had plenty to eat and lived in peace and quiet, but they did not take care of the poor and the underprivileged. They were proud stubborn and did the things that I hate, so I destroyed them, as you well know.'”

They say, love the sinner but hate the sin. But Christy can tell you that this is not true! You can not love what you hate. It is like telling Satan that he has to love God and we all know how impossible that would be!

Because people have been misled by the church, everything I did as a good Christian mother was counteracted by me falling in love with a woman. It didn’t matter how much I loved my children or how diligent I was in teaching them about God and doing service in my church.

Because of false teachings, a huge tug-of-war began not just between husband and wife, but with husband, church, family, friends and society all against me. A battle that was so tipped in favor of her dad that Christy struggled to love me regardless of what they said about me.

In fact, Christy and her brothers became so entangled in the fight for who had the right to be custodial parent that you would have thought that they would have never had anything to do with God ever! Because God was the reason they were not to love their mother.

They were told they couldn’t love me because I was living a life of sin. They were confused by strangers who told them how unlucky they were to have a mom who had fallen from God’s grace and chose to live an ungodly lifestyle. From church to school to the small town they lived in, they were constantly the center of unwanted attention because of their Satan possessed mother.

Christy didn’t want this kind of attention! She just wanted her mom. She didn’t care what the church had to say, she just wanted to live with her mom. She didn’t understand why everyone was in such an uproar, because she saw me as the same mom who loved her and had taken care of her since birth.

So you can see that her childhood was not peaceful. She was taken away from her mom and given to her dad. I was given no visitation and as a result I fled with my children and was arrested and put in jail while Christy endured being put in the hands of the SRS.

Christy saw her mother attacked by her father, while the pastor and a deacon watched. She saw her mother being stalked by church members in the name of God. She saw her grandparents turn their back on her mother and wish her dead.

She was forced into counseling as a small child. She was forced to go before a judge and tell him who she wanted to live with. Even after she stated she wanted to live with her mom, the judge ignored her words.

Time and again she was involved in one court proceeding after another while her testimony to live with her mother was disregarded. Whenever visitation resumed with her mother she was interrogated by her father, councilors, and family.

It is amazing today from the persecution my daughter endured from church, society and family members that she came through fifteen years of childhood holding onto her faith regardless of whether her prayers were answered or not.

It took until my daughter was an adult and able to make up her own mind that she began to see the mother that I really was. A mother who loved her and wanted the best for her and her family. Today our bond is strong because of our mission to tell the world the truth about God and love!