RSS or Really Simple Syndication has proved to be a difficult subject for many users of the World Wide Web, as survey after survey has clearly shown. To many RSS is far from being simple.

Yet it is one subject that no person with any sort of web presence can dare afford to ignore at this moment. There is no doubt that RSS feeds are rapidly growing in significance online and a failure to understand them greatly hinders any online marketer from reaping the fruits and results that are possible with a full arsenal of online marketing tools and weapons.

It is much simpler to understand RSS when you first seek to understand what the term syndicating an article means. Most newspaper readers will be familiar with national syndicated columnists. These are popular writers whose columns appear in many different newspapers across the country. Indeed syndication services have for many years been responsible for selling content to many different non-competing publications across the world. Probably one of the most well known content syndication services is the Kings Features Syndicate which distributes many popular Sunday newspaper cartoons all over the world.

Really Simple Syndication is exactly the same concept only that instead of newspapers, the content is distributed directly to web sites and blogs. It can also be distributed directly to a computer desktop. It is made even simpler by the fact that computer technology allows for the easy automation of this task. All one needs to do is to paste some html code on their site or blog and the content will be constantly streaming through their site.

In offline syndication, newspapers chose which particular column covering what particular subject they wanted to publish in their newspapers. Online syndication is even more powerful because you can choose to receive all content that is based on a very specific subject or topic. If you are serious about Website Promotion, RSS is the obvious step for any companies online growth. I suggest email advertising to promote your RSS Feed and to help you increase your membership base.

Meaning that you will never miss out on any new information on a particular area of specialization or pet topic you have chosen to stay informed about. This also results in you saving a lot of time because instead of regularly going to a search engine to look for information, with the right RSS feeds, all the information you require comes to you.