If you are the least bit familiar with healthy low carb eating you must have heard of a lady by the name of Kimmer by now.

Kimmer has, as her supportive followers would say, “cleverly developed a new form of low carb eating unlike any other.” This new low carb plan has caused not only her own weight loss, but the weight loss of countless others she has personally coached to literally skyrocket with fat melting off their bodies at amazing speed! A plan that has been deemed “KIMKINS.”

Floods of overweight people that claim they are sick and tired of the empty promises other weight loss plans dish out.. as well as those that had enough of waiting weeks, even months to shed just 1 pant size are flocking to Kimmer in hopes of finding out her secret on how they can “double their weight loss speed,” in some cases even “triple it”! After all, she has proven her own plan successful (or is it) by shedding an incredible 198 pounds in less than 1 year! She has also managed to maintain that weight loss now for over 5 years, making her the role model that so many overweight Americans, (as well as others around the world) now look up to!

What makes this particular low carb weight loss plan different? It appears the secret has a lot to do with there being less fat than Atkins, fewer carbs than South Beach, and of course the lightening speed of weight loss.. something Weight Watchers does not promise.

Kimmer has different phases to her weight loss plan. The first known as “K/E” which means “The Kimmer Experiment.” This is a very specific eating plan that lasts about 3-5 days with the purpose of achieving real ketosis. K/E has a carb count of nearly “0.” The “experiment”, basically, is to use this way of eating to determine whether or not you were over on carbs in your prior diet. If you drop a large amount of weight within a short period of time, that supposedly means you were over on carbs and should adjust your eating accordingly. Kimmer does not allow for net carb counting either, unlike the popular Atkins diet. She claims that being over on carbs is one of the biggest reason so many people fail on other popular low carb diet plans.

Once in ketosis she would then suggest you switch into what is called “Kimkins” way of eating for the remainder of your weight loss. The one main difference between the two plans is K/E does not allow any form of veggies to be eaten like Kimkins does. Basically, it is only lean meats and eggs and enough oil/fat to make your menu work. Because of this, as you can imagine.. the fat count is very low right along with the carbs.

She also has a suggested maintenance plan available that you can follow once goal is achieved. It appears this plan includes certain amounts and types of dairy, fruit and grains as well as an increased number of vegetables allowed.

I think it’s important to say there is still much debate on whether or not this plan is the best approach for achieving total health. Those that support low fat/high carb eating continue to voice their fears and concerns about Kimkins low carb/low fat eating plan. Many claim it is dangerous to limited fats and carbs to such low levels as well as the number of calories being so low as a result of it. They also fear the speed of weight loss is not a healthy benefit.

However, Kimmer continues to stand her ground claiming her plan is not only effective but 100% SAFE. It’s hard to tell who’s telling the truth.

Today, with over 2,000 members already enrolled in her new online “secret club”, with a rumored number of celebrities jumping on board and over 68 personal testimonies featured at the bottom of her front page alone, all I know is there are a bunch of happy people over there at Kimkins celebrating their dramatic “accelerated” weight loss success. Some even claiming they are transforming themselves from “Fatties to Hotties!” with the before and after pics to prove it.

Hard to believe you might say? Too good to be true? I guess that’ll be for you to decide.