China’s booming AI industry is luring more and more leading Chinese scientists back home. Most of China’s big tech companies’ chief AI scientists are the top scholars who used to work in the U.S. and Canada。

Zhang Zhengyou, a top computer vision scientist, came back to China to lead Tencent’s Robotics X project and its AI lab nearly a year ago. He said that in America, AI research is calmer and steadier. “In China, some people are hasty. The rankings of competitions and the numbers of journals are much more important in measuring their achievements.”

Du Zide, general-secretary of the China Computer Federation, even openly said that there are some bubbles in China’s AI industry in his opening speech at the summit.

However, someone holds a different opinion. Wu Haifeng, associate professor at the Shenzhen branch of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, said: “Bubble is a good thing in some circumstances. All new technology is money-burning, so if there is no capital-driven investment, there will be no future for AI development.”

What do you think about China’s AI industry? Is China’s AI industry overheated?