Recently I had a fall which affected my knee. As I am still in the recovering stage, my doctor advised me to lose the excess weight. I asked how to lose if I am injured on the knee. But he told me that being overweight will put a strain on my knee and it may take a longer time to heal. I gave a thought to what my doctor said and decided to try dieting. Even though I have tried dieting earlier before my fall, I actually stopped and started to eat and gained the weight back.

Whenever I tried to go up a bus or a short flight of stairs, I do feel the pain. I cannot even stand for long because of the pain. I have decided to diet and when it lightens up the weight on my knee I will start exercising. My Doctor recommends that I swim or do aqua aerobics in order to lose weight. Swimming or aqua aerobics wont put a strain on my leg.

I have two choices either I dont lose the weight and gain more weight in the process and live with the pain or I can lose the weight and be healthy and hopefully recover and no longer suffer from the pain. I choose to lose the weight. I am determined to do it. I am going to start with the food that I eat. I must try to reduce the fat content in my food. Used to go for fast foods at least three tomes a week. Need to reduce it the Once a week hopefully. The pain in my knee is a reminder that I really need to lose the weight. Obesity is something to worry about. It can cause also heart problems. So in order to beat obesity, I need to be healthy about what I eat and exercise.