Hardly any traditional methods (such as printed newspapers and magazines) allow you to voice yourself unless you have been a consistent writer/journalist for an extended time. This is a hardcore route and not recommended, if you don’t already have years of experience in the field. Now is the time to embrace technology and blog the right path to fame! Experienced bloggers understand that to become successful, you need to write for OTHER PEOPLE. This implies, at the most basic level, keeping your spelling, punctuation and grammar at an above-reasonable level. People will not consistently read your work if it is peppered with mistakes or hArD2rEEd!!1! Also, you need to choose a style and stick with it. Go to great lengths to really get your blog noticed. RSS is an excellent tool to obtain a single blog onto a million web pages. People want the best opinion to rely upon when they read blogs so research your facts before you shoot the mouth area off. There’s nothing much better than a separate blogger fighting to overthrow the machine. On the other hand, theres nothing worse than a passionate blogger ranting unfounded allegations and generally making a big, ignorable mess! Treat your market like adults and respect them as you compose.