So you’ve decided to go on a diet and shed those few extra pounds you put on to keep you warm through winter. You’ve filled yourself full of good intentions and are eating a healthy diet with none of those terribly unhealthy foods that you used to enjoy so much.

You spend the day eating salad and being positively angelic, then you get home at night, open the cupboard and think about your dinner. On the shelf is a packet of your favorite biscuits.

Casually, you put them to one side and rummage for the cupboard saying to yourself, “I can’t have one”.

You move from cupboard to cupboard looking for what you want to eat and the biscuits are at the fore front of your mind.

“I can’t have one” You say to yourself again, and again, and again and again.

Then finally you say to yourself, “I CAN’T HAVE ONE” as you fling open the cupboard door and rip open the biscuits stuffing them in your mouth as if you haven’t eaten for weeks, all the time saying, “I can’t have one, I can’t have one” …

And then what, you get down and beat yourself up for cheating on your diet.

Does that sound familiar? Has it happened to anyone you know?

It happens all the time with people who are diets. You say “I can’t” or “I shouldn’t” or “I ought not” or “I mustn’t” or anything like that.

And what happens when you say that sort of thing?

You want it even more. Just think about a bar of chocolate and say “I can’t have it” and see how much more you want it.

When most people go on a diet they try to deny themselves food. The trouble is, the way the sub-conscious works, the more you try to deny yourself something the more you want it, and the stronger the cravings get.

So what can you do instead?

Imagine that bar of chocolate again and this time say to yourself, “I choose not to have one” or “I don’t want one”

How much different do you feel about the chocolate now?

You are less bothered by it now, aren’t you?

This simple change in language patterns can make a massive difference in your dieting. It’ll help you feel better about yourself and get rid of the weight even quicker. Start now choosing not to have these foods and you will notice a big difference in how you feel.