The cost of laser eye surgery has gone up in the last few years due to the massive demand and that it downright works. As with anything there is an element of risk involved, but many people are willing to take this risk in order to see better.

The cost of laser eye surgery rose steadily for many years and has just begun to stabilize in 2006. According to industry reports, the cost of laser eye surgery in 2002 was around 1600.00 dollars, then will a 1000 increase in 2003 to the total of 1700, then climbing even higher to 1800.00, and finally in 1995 the cost of Lasik surgery was around 2000.00.

Lasik eye surgery will set someone back around 2000.00, but the good news is that the market is toping out and that even if you wait another year to get this surgery performed, prices should not fluctuate as much. According to LasikPlus, a leading national provider in Lasik, stated that since there were so many operations in a given year, this did indeed lead to the increase in pricing. This a basis concept of supply and demand. As demand rises and supply is constant, the price will always go up. In this case, there are only a set number of doctors in this field that can perform these operations and there are only set working hours these doctors perform, there for we have supply as our constant and demand continues to increase therefore rising the price. How high will the price be later? This is determined on the market. The cost of laser surgery could rise heavily if demand continues , the rich can also drive prices higher. The good news is that this demand should not last forever, and when this demand starts to wane a little, then prices are sure to drop along side of them.

The cost of Lasik also will vary depending on where you live in the US, regions such as the west, which include California have Lasik Prices up to 2800 for this procedure. With the lowest being in the Midwest of 1200.00 according to the journal Review of Ophthalmology.

Lasik is not only a wonderful solution to eyeglasses and contact lenses, but is a great candidate for further technological developments that can add more accuracy to the procedure. For example, the Refractive Lens Exchange (Clear Lens Extraction) replaces you natural lens with an article lens, which significantly enhances the vision of any one who has this prodecure done. This is just one of many examples of how technology will not only increase the pricing of a surgical procedure but will enhance the effectiveness as well.

A new procedure called Wave Map, is available and many clinics that will scan your eye to see if you are indeed a candidate of Lasik Eye Surgery, again this is just an example of how technology is staying steady with the demand, thereby again increasing demand, this simple procedure that maps out your eye cost around 250.00 per eye. It all starts to add up, but what are you willing to pay to see? ..and therein lies our reason.