Capri pants are a style of trousers that end somewhere near the mid-calf and above the ankle. They are designed to show off the ankles and calves. They are comfortable, look good on young girls through to older women. They can look casual or elegant depending on the top and shoes worn with them. As capris make the legs look shorter, petite females should go for a longer style capri.

Capris should be close fitting, but not skin tight, and are straight legged or with a slight flare. Do not wear capris where the leg gets smaller or which have too large a flare. They should be made of lightweight material.
For the elegant look choose capri pants made of silk, linen or cotton.

Capri pants look best with flat shoes or shoes with very low heels – no high-heels and definitely no socks, and as capris are lightweight, trainers are out.

For the capri pants casual look on holiday or on the beach, wear canvas flat shoes or flip-flops.

For the more sophisticated look for pool parties, summer barbeques, nights on the town and evening parties wear strappy sandals, ballet slippers or backless sandals with the capri pants.

Tops worn with capri pants should always be simple and which do not show the stomach. For the elegant look, a long sleeved v-neck shirt looks great.

And remember those feet – when going out in sandals or flip-flops the feet must be pedicured and the nail polish unchipped.