Want to watch satellite TV on PC but dont know how to start? Do not worry as you will learn how in a few moments. Whether you are an existing satellite or cable TV service subscriber or just anyone who wants to watch satellite TV on computer, this article would show you a few methods using PCTV cards, Digital TV cards and PC satellite TV software to get started to watch satellite TV on PC.

To watch satellite TV on PC does not require the set up of a satellite dish system. I can almost imagine the heaving of sighs of relief for those who are not good with fixing hands-on kind of stuff. But you do need a computer with a basic configuration such as Pentium III processor and 256 – 512KB RAM, and internet connection. If you are looking to boost the performance of your satellite TV, pump in a higher speed CPU, more RAM, broadband connection, a solid sound card, PC theatre system and a superb Radeon or GeForce graphics card. This would turn your computer into a satellite TV dynamo. On top of that, you need some cash of course.

If you want to use PCTV cards to watch satellite TV on PC, it is going to take more than $200 for a good card from Pinnacle or Plextor. There are cheaper versions on eBay but I wont recommend them since you have no idea about the quality of the cards. That said, you can try them at your own risk. External PCTV cards are easier to install and can be connected using a USB cable and port. It is neater than installing it in the PC if you are not confident to do so.

Digital TV cards allow you to watch satellite TV on PC. Such cards are normally sold on online auctions by satellite TV pirates. These cards are built to steal satellite TV feeds from the main satellite TV service providers and cost more than $40 most of the time.

In case you think that it is a cheap way to watch satellite TV on computer, I would advise you to rethink. Digital satellite systems administrators and engineers are coming down hard on satellite TV pirates. They frequently use jamming devices or electronic counter measures to jam the digital TV cards, rendering them useless. In the end, you got to keep going to the satellite TV pirate to either buy a new card or rework the old one. So my advice to you is to avoid wasting your money on this.

One increasingly popular method to watch satellite TV on PC is to use PC satellite TV software. The development costs behind this technology would scare you. It took years of software development and more than hundreds of thousands to create something like this. Fortunately for us, we do not have to sell our cars or homes to own the software as even teens can afford to buy it with their pocket allowance.

You can watch satellite TV on PC and access to thousands of satellite TV stations at any time you wish. There is no time zone to restrict you from watching news at 3:00 am in the morning or your favourite Prison Break 2 at 2:00am. How about seeing you at my TV blog joining many others to watch satellite TV on PC?