Dogs love to dig but this can be a problem if that lovely landscaped yard of yours looks like a minefield from all the holes that your dog has dug.

No doubt if you have a dog that likes to dig you have tried all and sundry to get it to stop from smacking it to yelling at it when it starts to dig and you probably still haven’t resolved the problem.

Once again, like all methods of dog training, if you can address the reason why the dog is doing something you will be able to eliminate the problem.

There are many different reasons why a dog will dig, from boredom and frustration to the search for a cold place to rest in humid weather.

Consider the surroundings that you have made available for your pet and see if there are any areas that need attention.

Does your dog need more shelter, or is the current shelter just a little too hot for the climate that you are living in?

Is the dog digging to gain your attention and if so you will need to look at earlier lessons on how to give your dog the attention that it is seeking without encouraging it to continue with the behavior that you wish to stop.

Maybe your dog needs more toys to play with or more exercise to relieve some of it’s pent up energy.

Maybe you will need to fence off parts of your yard where you know your dog prefers to dig.

If you have a dog that just prefers to dig for no other reason than the enjoyment of digging you might need to offer it a dedicated area of the yard where it can dig to it’s hearts delight.

This might help to keep your dog contented while you are away.

There will always be a solution, you just need to look at the circumstances and take the appropriate action.