Check out part 1 to learn how to research a niche, get ideas and get started on your way to creating a successful internet business that makes thousands on autopilot…

Check out part 2 and discover one of the most profitable internet business you can start today and make upto 90% easy profits for lifetime…

Check out part 3 and discover the exact 4 block formula that will put up a rock solid foundation of your internet business to pull in profits for years to come, no matter what happens…

I am sure you are now on your way to start your own wildly profitable internet business.

Part 1, 2 and 3 have shown you how to perform the first 3 steps to start an internet business.

Let me review the first 3 steps and then we will move on to the fourth step.

Step 1 – Research a Killer Niche that You are Passionate About. Then Get or Create a Product in that Niche to Sell for Hefty Profits.

Step 2 – Create a Stunning Website and Write an Order Pulling Benefit Laden Sales Copy for Your Product.

Step 3 – Automate Your Website with Tiny Robots that Makes You Money on Auto Pilot.

Now lets move on to the fourth step…

Step 4 – Website Traffic Generation.

Step 1, 2 and 3 showed you how to create a product, a killer website and completely make your internet business hands free.

Now you have to get visitors to see your website and purchase your product. For this you have to attract lazer focussed targeted traffic to your website.

How to do this? Here are some free ways for you to get started…

1. Article Marketing – Write quality articles in your niche and spread them to article directories and ezine publishers. Articles will get you free publicity and traffic to your website from the link in the resource box.

2. Discussion Forums – Start participating in forums in your niche and answer questions out there. You are allowed to place a signature below your posts that will help you to get free traffic.

3. Viral Marketing – Create viral mini-ebooks, reports, ecourses, etc and give your visitors branding rights to these viral tools. They will spread them all around the net and get you free non-stop traffic to your site.

4. Search Engine Optimization – Create unique quality content in your niche and paste them on your website. Make sure you include relevant keywords in your content. Search engines love unique theme based content and will send you lazer targeted traffic to your site on continuous basis, all for free.

Here are some low cost ways to drive traffic to your site…

1. Pay Per Click Search Engines – Search engines like and will give you quality traffic and will charge you per visitor to your site. If your website converts pretty well then this is the way to go.

2. Ezine Advertisement – You can place small ads in different ezines around the net and get targeted traffic pouring into your website. This is a very strong traffic generation tactic provided your ad and your site converts well.

So here you go… In this 4 part article series I have shown you exactly what you need to do to start your own wildly profitable internet business. I would urge you take the first step right now in starting your internet business and see your internet profits skyrocket. You can thank me later.