Check out part 1 to learn how to research a niche, get ideas and get started on your way to creating a successful internet business that makes thousands on autopilot…

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There are 4 simple steps to get your internet business started quickly and easily. If you apply this 4 block formula there is no way you can fail, but make some serious profits that will keep on increasing month after month.

I have been teaching these 4 steps to my customers since years, and the good news is that no matter how this internet world and the technologies change, these 4 steps are the foundation to get your internet business started quickly and easily.

Foundation of your internet business should be extremely strong. If you get started with hit and miss tactics, you may make some bucks here and there but you will not build an internet business that will pay you for years.

These 4 steps are the bread and butter of your internet business. You have to religiously apply these 4 steps in your internet marketing journey if you want to make sure and be confident that your internet business pays you each and every day of your life and you can rely on it to quit your job and work from home.

No matter what happens, these 4 step internet business foundation will always remain the same. This will make sure that your internet business survives in tough times while all other websites start dropping down complaining that there is not enough money to be made online.

Lets get started…

Step 1 – Research and Development.

I am sure you will close this page reading the word research. However you donot have to be an R & D expert to do this. It is a simple step where you research a niche in which you are interested in and create or grab resell rights to a product in your niche.

This step makes sure that your niche has less competition and also enough demand to make sure that you always swim in profits.

Part 1 and 2 of this article series explains you in detail how to do all this step by step.

Step 2 – Website Development.

You have to create a stunning website to present your product. Killer professional website and graphics sell your products like crazy.

However donot load your website with heavy flash, marque effects and bright colours. Your website should be simple with some important graphics like header graphics, product covers like ebook or box covers, order button graphics and background graphics. These are some important graphics that will make your site look simple, attractive and professional.

You will also need a killer copy that displays all the benefits of your products and services. You have to clearly expalin as to how your product will solve the biggest problem of your customer.

Step 3 – Website Automation.

Once you have your product and website ready, you will have to automate your website completely so that it keeps making you money even while you are laying down on the beach or moving around with your girl friend.

Here are some tools that helps you to accomplish this task.

1. Autoresponders – Automates your follow up system.

2. Ad Trackers – Tracks your advertisement and calculates your return on investment.

3. Order Processing System – Accepts credit card payments from your customers.

4. Customer Support Ticket System – Helps you to support your customers very professionally incase they have any questions.

5. Hosting and Domain Name Service – Gives you a home and a name for your website.

All these tools will help you to completely automate your entire website and help you to make automatic income.

Step 4 – Get Hungry Lazer Targeted Traffic Pouring All Over Your Website.

Check out part 4 and discover how you can quickly and easily get quality traffic to your site and get them to purchase your product and services…