Here’s my experience. It is difficult to push your first internet business from ground zero to a success story.

It is difficult to make your first $1000 online. Once you do this the formula is simple. Just duplicate your success to build more and more success.

The biggest thing to get started is to not make huge assumptions like everyone says. Donot expect to make $1000 from your first month, this won’t happen.

You have to take one step at a time and when everything is on the place making an autopilot income of $1000 is very easy.

Put aside your TV time every day and start working part time on your internet business. Atleast commit to give 3 hours per day to your internet business if you are stuck up with your job.

Make a list of your hobbies, your passion, topics that excite you the most. It can be golf, schooling, drinking soups or just hanging around at a multiplex.

Make a list of your interests and then research whether there is demand about the topics that excite you.

If yes, keep researching different sites and get ideas as to how they are doing business.

What are they selling?

How are they satisfying their customers?

How they have structured their website?

Is there something related that you can think of selling?

How they take you from a visitor to a customer? – Make a note of your entire journey.

Researching few sites will give you a whole lot of ideas about how to start your own internet business.

Research a killer product in your niche, create a stunning website with a killer copy, automate your website and start attracting lazer targeted traffic to your site.

There isn’t enough room to show you how to do all this right here, but these are the steps that will get you in business.

The easy route you can take is to signup as an affiliate of a website and start promoting their products and make commission in return.

You will save yourself from hassles of product development, customer satisfaction, product delivery, support and lots of other stuff. All you need to do is promote your affiliate link and collect checks.

Once you get good experience in this internet marketing world you can get started selling your own products and services in your niche in future.

Whatever you do, I encourage you to take the first step and get started. You can thank me later.

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