Many people dream of being wealthy, of having great riches, a big car, a big house and all the money they can possibly use. It’s a human tendancy to want more than they can have, and to really want the things that are just beyond their reach.

Becoming wealthy is mostly a mental exercise. If you have the correct mental program then there is nothing you can do except be wealthy, and this is what the majority of people forget. You need to be able to see yourself as being wealthy and think like a wealthy person and then you will find yourself attracting the wealth you desire. Your abilities are incredible, even if you don’t realise it fully … yet.

The first step in attracting wealth to you is to identify your financial goals. Remember that everyone has a different definition of wealth. Bill Gates defines wealth as billions of dollars, but the homeless guy on the street defines wealth as a ten dollar bill.

Once you know how much money you want then it is time to begin to focus your thoughts. However, in line with the law of attraction, do not focus on your current financial situation, unless it is the one you want. What you focus on, you will get more of it. Your current financial situation is NOT who you are, it’s a product of your previous decisions, which were made by the you in the past.

Focus instead on where you are going to be; on your wealth goal.

If you think like that wealthy person and act like them, then you are much more likely to actually become that wealthy person.

I know, it’s really easy to focus on the things you want now but can’t afford, or the places you want to go, or the many things you feel you cannot do because of a current lack of money. Focusing on this instead of helping you become financially free, imprisons you in a self desctructive jail of poverty.

With your thoughts firmly focused on where you want to be financially, then you will find yourself attracting that wealth to you much quicker that you may have thought. As you are doing this so you can eliminate and remove all the doubts and negative thoughts that shackle you to your current level of wealth.

However, thoughts alone does not make a man rich … the thought is the first step in the process of manifestation.

The second step is taking action. As you are focusing your thoughts you will be inspired into taking action. When you feel this inspiration it is vital you act then and there. Don’t put it off or think about it, follow your intuition as it is guiding you to your wealthy goals. If you ignore these impulses to action then you will find yourself drifting away from your goals because you are sabotaging your own efforts.

If you want to create wealth and abundance into your life then you have to start with the mental processes. You may be surprised to know that you already have all the keys to success inside you; you just have to let them out.