The amount of people searching for information online is increasing daily. A recent poll showed that they are starting to rely more heavily on the internet for their information needs. Last months tally of online searchers was a whopping 72% of Americans, and there is no let up in sight.

These people are hungry for information and as a result, search engine use is steadily climbing. A whopping 85% of American adults are using them to hunt down information. These online users number well over 100 million. What share of these visitors do you get to your website?

If you want to reach your share of those visitors you should publish articles on the web. When you write articles you should provide your readers with useful, honest and interesting information.

Information is the basis of the internet. By providing the search engines and your online visitors with plenty of information on your topic you will have plenty of opportunities for the search engines to list you in the search results.

It is personally rewarding to create information. When you do this you will also become a resource for other websites that may link to you. They will provide your site with valuable hyperlinks. Information is a great way to show your visitors that you have something worthwhile to impart and they will be more likely to recommend you to others.

Information can be news related to your topic. It can also be given in the form of updates, even commentary or just plain tips and hints. Everyone loves a how to article; especially when it breaks down a challenging process into bite size chunks.

Most authors find that article writing has a residual value for their site. It drives traffic to their site long after they were written. Well written articles are the catalyst for establishing search engine placement and optimization.

Compelling, quality articles are necessary if you want to drive targeted traffic to your website. Why is this strategy so successful? Simply because people love to be informed and entertained. This trait in people is what increases the value of your articles immeasurably.

Article writing can be a daunting task for some. Others find a great deal of pleasure in writing. Most find that the difficult part of writing is actually starting the writing process.

Starting is made so much easier when the author is well versed in the selected topic.

You must determine the problem you want to solve with the article. The next step is to write the headline then compose the article around the headline. In doing so the writer must ensure that the content and layout fit the problem they are addressing.

The author must decide to now publish the article. Publishing articles will drive an automatic and continuous stream of traffic to your site. This decision stops so many writers dead in their tracks. Fear of rejection by the readers and criticism from others is the primary cause of the big freeze.

What is the quickest way to overcome this fear? The easiest and fastest way to control the fear is by publishing the article to one of the many article directories. By taking this step the author will experience such a positive rush the fear will soon dissipate.