While all of us practice a certain form of body language unwillingly and unconsciously, there is quite a big step from regular to expert body language. You can never hear enough body language tips because, for any woman, pose, gestures and posture are essential in the dating game and in life, in general. The subtleties of body language can help you attract the right guy to a higher extent than any form of talking.

Eye contact

The human body has a central point for focusing actions and intentions – the eyes. In modern society, eye contact is of utmost importance, so many body language tips focus on getting this right. Sidelong glances are a great start for eye contact. A direct look can follow. At this point, the guy you are looking at will probably look back.

Instantly lower your eyes and put on an embarrassed smile – you were looking at him and he caught you doing it. You can take this body language / eye contact tip even further and after a few moments look at him again and this time hold your eyes on him for a few seconds. You can also use eye contact to avoid a guy you don’t like simply look at the opposite direction when he attempts to make eye contact.

First impression

Never overlook this important body language top tip your first impression is essential if you want to attract positive attraction. Whenever you are out and ready to meet a guy, make sure to look your best. If you are not happy with what you see in the mirror before you exit your house, don’t even go out! Your pose, your posture, your dress, the way your hair looks they should all be at the maximum level.

This first impression body language tip also refers to the level of confidence you express through the way you walk, the way you look and talk to people and the way you dominate the room you are in.

Body language tips regarding your hands

The way you hold and move your hands is also a good way to express your intentions. Here are a few interesting body language tips regarding the use of your hands and hand positions in a social encounter:

– Unclenched hands show openness.

– Playing with your hair or caressing the chair or other objects is a definite sign of interest, an almost sensual act.

– Try picking some fluff of his jacket (even if there is none!)

– Accidentally touch his hands when reaching for something.

– Briefly touch him during conversation to make a point or to laugh at a funny remark. This is a very direct and powerful body language gesture

Posture body language tips

The importance of body posture is essential when dating. You can show interest by facing the guy directly and by slightly leaning forward every now and then. Another great tip that outlines the importance of posture concerns the way you keep your back and shoulders.

A straight back with shoulders slightly brought backwards will expose your chest and is a definite sign of interest. Among other interesting posture and body language tips you might also consider crossing and uncrossing your legs during conversation. Movement of the human body as a form of expression

Since the bodylanguage tips mentioned above refer mainly to pose and posture, you should also consider other subtle body language activities. Facial expressions are among the most suggestive unspoken signals you can give to a guy – although we will detail these in a separate article. Your clothing and general visual appearance are also part of your body language mechanism, so pay special attention to them as well.

The human body can emit dozens of signals unconsciously, but if you learn to master your own body language signals and understand the signals transmitted by guys, you will soon be queen of the dating game.