Because so many people have made watching television a daily part of their routine the competition between television providers is very fierce. Cable Television used to be the main choice of people searching for service, but Satellite Television is fast becoming the top choice. There are many reasons why Satellite TV providers, such as Dish Network, are gaining more customers every day. One reason is the very enticing offers they give to new subscribers.

New Subscribers Hear “Free” Often

As a new subscriber to Dish Network, you will hear the word “free” quite often. For instance, you receive Free Installation by professionally trained technicians to ensure your satellite TV system is running correctly from the beginning. You have the option of choosing a Free Four Room System. This allows you and your family to watch four different programs in four different rooms of your home at the same time. Plus, there is no equipment to buy for new subscribers and that free equipment comes with a Lifetime Warranty in addition to a Free Home Protection Plan. These arent the only things that come free when you join.

Record, Store, Pause, and Rewind Without a VCR

You also are given the choice of either a free DVR upgrade or a free HD upgrade. A DVR, or Digital Video Recorder, can record and store up to 100 hours of your favorite shows so you can watch them any time you want. DVRs also allow you to pause and rewind live TV. If you miss a piece of information in a program or want to watch a moment in a sports game, show, or movie then just pause, rewind to that moment, and watch again. You then have the choice of continuing to watch from that moment or jumping ahead to where the program is running live.

High Definition Means High Quality

If you have purchased a HD, or High Definition, television, then you probably want to take full advantage of its superior image and sound capabilities. If so, then the Free HD Receiver upgrade for new customers is the way to go. This HD receiver has an Optical Dolby Digital output, Component & DVI outputs, Optional Analog & Digital Off-Air Local, and is Standard-Def & High-Def compatible. Another reason for HD users to choose DishNetwork is that they offer Americas largest HD channel lineup. However, you may want the capabilities of both the DVR and the HD receivers. Well, you are in luck because DishNetworks cutting-edge satelite technology is now offering the industrys first HD DVR receiver that combines all the great features of the two into one.

High-Speed Satellite Internet Now Available

To complete the full entertainment needs of people DishNetwork is now offering High-Speed Satelite Internet service through HughesNet. HughesNet is Americas #1 choice for Broadband by Satelite. This offer is particularly good for those who are currently using dialup service. Besides being much faster in surfing and downloading, the advantages over dialup are that you have broadband access, it is always on/available, is optimized for multiple users, and has advanced security features. HughesNet satelite service is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. Its a great option for those living in rural areas where cable Internet service is not available.

Dish Network is Tops in Customer Satisfaction

Perhaps the best way to make a final decision on whether to choose a product is to see what other users of it think. When you do this, DishNetwork beats every one of its competitors. J.D. Power & Associates has repeatedly awarded them the highest rating in Customer Satisfaction. With that many people happy with their service, it is safe to assume you would be too.