Sometimes the best places to camp are closer than you think. Researching local state parks, campgrounds, and wildlife areas that are no more than two or three days away can result in a great camping vacation.

When looking for your next camping destination, you should consider the following six critical factors:

– Vacation budget – Equipment needed – Number of people – Time of year – Weather conditions – Activities for the kids

All of these will will help to determine where you will end up camping.

Camping trips are not only for those who want to enjoy nature for a few days. There are many campgrounds that offer rafting, canoeing, hiking, and rock climbing activities. Discover your interests and the interests of those who will be going on the trip with you! If you have always wanted to try rock climbing, then find a park near a campground that offers guided tours and lessons.

The time of year that you decide to go camping will also play a large role in your final destination. Some campgrounds are only open during the summer months, so if you are planning on camping during the spring or the fall, you will need to look for campgrounds that are open all year long.

Use the Internet to your advantage when looking for campgrounds. Many have web sites that include information about times of operation, activities, and information about rates and amenities.

Another good source of information is an outdoor hiking guide or even various outdoor sport reviews. Fishing, boating, bird watching, hunting wild game, or rock climbing activities can give suggestions as to where to camp. This could also help to target your selection so it fits more closely to what you will be doing for fun on your vacation.

Be sure to find out about cancellation policies and bad weather policies! This is true especially if you will be required to put a deposit down in order to reserve a site.

As you learn about your campgrounds, and evaluate them based on the six critical factors discussed above, you and your fellow travelers might just end up experiencing one of the best camping trips you have had in many years. Imagine, the best campground could be only a couple of days driving distance, set up and ready for you.