Certain things may make a person ask her self if she is starting to suffer from multiple sclerosis. If a person has a blurry vision or has maybe trouble concentrating that doesnt necessarily mean that she or he are suffering from this terrible disorder. Something else may to blame for a whole other reason. Its a well known fact that multiple sclerosis has a lot of symptoms similar to a lot of other disorders of the central nervous system. Still, as said earlier, if any signs of the disease appear in any person, checking with the doctor should be the next thing to do. Early diagnosing of the disorder and early treatment has shown to greatly improve the slowing of the rate of witch the disease progresses.

A special diagnosing from your doctor may also be a bit tricky considering the fact that there isnt a specific set of rules to follow in order to correctly see if that specific person suffers from the disorder. The best thing to do is to let the doctor asses the symptoms that the patient has said he is suffering from. The next thing to do is let the doctor give you a compleat physical check in order to see if other more subtle symptoms are also present. These symptoms may be either changes in eye movement or very minute changes in speech patterns. If still a proper diagnosis cant be made further tests may include a RMI scan or a spinal tap. Treatments have shown that they are able to improve the state of the patient, and the fact is the earlier the treatment begins the better the chance is that the effect will be stronger in the patient.

People are different one from another. Thinking of this we realize that it is the same thing about how the disease affects the patient. Some people may this way experience very diverse symptoms while others just a few. Even if the symptoms are not showing damage is being done to the central nervous system, damage that gets worse and with the passing of time. Treatments are available now in many forms but it is important that the patient stays in therapy if the chance to slow the action of the disorder is ever to exist.

The way that the disease actually works is that because the nervous cell loses its myelin its more predisposed to get damaged. The optic nerve suffers some serious damage because of this: it gets swollen causing blurry vision in a matter of days after it has started. Pain may also be felt especially when moving the eye.