Recording DVDs at home may seem confusing and you may feel a bit overwhelmed, but it is actually fairly simple. Recording is not as difficult as many people believe. You do not need special technical abilities to make your own movies. The only difference between duplicating a cassette tape or VHS and duplicating a DVD is the disc. For the most part, the process is the same. You are still copying information from one form of media to another, except the final product will result in a DVD.

Computers that are newer can usually record directly onto one of these disks. Look for a sticker on your computer that says any of the following; DVD Writer, DVD Recordable, DVD Burner. All mean the same thing; you can record onto a DVD from another or from information that is on your computer.As inexpensive as this option has become, I would not even consider a computer without the duplication feature.

The recorders for this media come with preinstalled software. The software is easy to use and should have helpful menus along the way. Recording your own disks really is a simple process. But, if you have any questions you can find answers by:

Looking at the frequently asked questions located on the drop down menu.

Going to the online help menus.

Calling the technical support number.

Browsing the pop up information in your software program.

These programs are written assuming the user has no prior knowledge of the duplicating. You do not need special technical knowledge in order to record your information onto a disk. Just a basic understanding of the process will have making your own disks in no time. The product instructions will make learning the process simple for any beginner. You can do this just give it a try!

If you are still unsure about the duplication process after reading the guides then try calling the manufacturer. Trained experts are ready to assist you and often staff the technical support lines 24 hours a day. You can get help by:

Telephone; call the number listed on your computer.

Online support at the manufacturers website.

Help line numbers from the packaging or website.

You can duplicate your own disks at home, it is a simple process that just requires a few minutes of your time. Make sure and read the instructions before beginning your own recording, it will cut down on problems that can occur. Recording onto a DVD is a great way to save your information for years to come and it is Easy and Fun!