Brochures are very useful in promoting any type of business. No matter how big or small a business is. But for a business to be effective in its promotion, brochures that catch the eye are needed. To achieve this you should take into consideration how you brochure will look like. Think of a design for your brochure that reflects your company image.

Here are some essential points that you must take into account when designing a brochure:

Make it interesting.
What marketers fear when they make brochures is that it might be dumped directly to the trash can. To avoid this from happening, you must make sure that your brochure stick to the basic design techniques particularly the color and contrast. It is of the essence that your brochure gets noticed immediately after you have handed it out to your prospects.

Expert designers have a theory regarding this. Its called the billboard concept. This concept states that you only have a few seconds to catch the attention of the passersby. It would be ideal if your brochure has a very striking graphic image but a very clear and simple message. This way your prospective customers can easily remember you.

If your brochure is eye-catching and interesting, then most likely your marketing efforts will turn out a success.

Your marketing message should be clear and simple.
A brochure is considered to be good when its message is comprehensible and easy to understand. Remember to put only the important information that you want to impart to your prospect. Concentrate only one or two essential points.

Use action words and active voice when writing the text for your brochure. By this means you can prompt your prospects to act. Use the right text and graphics in your message so that your customers will easily understand what you are trying to tell to them.

Make a call to action.
Stimulate the interest of your prospects and elicit a response from them. Think about what you want to for your potential customers to do. Make sure that youve made up your mind on what call to action would you like to have for your prospects.

To sum it up, the brochure design is really vital in the success of your marketing brochure campaign. The brochure printing process will not do well if the design of brochure is not good. Consider these questions as your basic guide in a well-made brochure design:

* What color should I use to catch the attention of the audience?
* What do I want to impart to them?
* What message will attract them?
* How will I print the brochure?
* What steps should I take to make sure that the brochure will be successful?