This is not necessarily an easy question to answer right off the top of your head. For you see there are many important variables that must be considered before making the decision on how to best protect your home. Do not take this lightly and make the mistake of rushing into this decision. The wrong decision can cost you time energy & money in the long run.

As a home security system consultant, I have seen many people regret their mistakes when choosing a burglar alarm system to protect their home & loved ones.

How much is peace of mind worth to you?
Many uneducated consumers have made their decision based on the “price” of the security system alone.
Now, before you assume that I say that because I sell security systems for a living…
Please rest assured that sometimes the least expensive option is the best way to go.
Other times…being only concerned about the “price” may compromise the safety of your home & loved ones.

Either way, being educated about the following items will help you to make a better choice.

1) Do It Yourself Home Security.
Is protecting your home & loved ones something that you want to tackle on your own?
What if the equipment is not the most up to date technology available?
Are you going to settle for a DIY security system that is sold in retail stores?
Is it really going to save you money if you have to pay retail prices for the equipment?
Who is going to handle warrantee issues?
Don’t get me wrong…some protection is better than no protection. But is the “price” worth the “cost”?

2) Hard Wired Security System.
Was your home or small business pre-wired for security when it was built?
Do you have full access to run wires now?
What are some of the things you should look for and some of the things you want to avoid when hard wiring your home?

3) Wireless Security System
Should I consider a Wireless security system?
Will I be able to afford all of the sensors needed to fully protect all of my doors & windows?
Or will I have to settle for maybe only protecting 3 or 4 of the most accessible to break ins?

4) How Will I Monitor My Home Security System?
Will I choose to monitor my system at all?
Should I use a local monitoring company?
Or take advantage of the benefits a national monitoring company brings?

5) What burglar alarm equipment should I install?
Should I protect only my doors?
How many accessible windows do I have?
Is there an advantage to getting a second keypad?
Where is the best place to install glass break detectors & motion sensors?

These are just a few things to consider before choosing a security alarm system for your home. Take the time to plan it out ahead. Do your research. Talk to friends and neighbors & ask what they would do differently next time. Finally, talk to a professional they have a wealth of knowledge to share.