Would you consider buying a car…or selling one for that matter…over the Internet?

Where would you go to buy or sell a car online? Who can you trust?

Here’s some eye-opening car buying and selling online statistics I’d like to share with you…

eBay Motors is the world’s largest online marketplace for all things automotive and they have over 12 million shoppers car buying online every month with a vehicle selling every 60 seconds.

eBay Motors is so big, It’s the most visited used car buying online website on the planet! There are more unique auto shoppers every month at eBay Motors than all the other major outlets, such as Cars.com, AutoTrader.com, and Yahoo Autos combined…let me say it again…that’s COMBINED.

It’s a quick and easy way to expose your vehicles to buyers nationwide…even worldwide!

Here’s another interesting fact — 75% of the vehicles sold on eBay Motors are sold to out-of-state buyers.

So why be confined to a small local market when buying or selling your car? It just doesn’t make sense.

And apparently there are a whole lot of people who aren’t bothered by buying or selling a vehicle over the Internet.

What you’ll discover within this article is why, and how you can do it too, while staying safe and protecting yourself from the scamers and thieves out there that want to separate you from your money or property.

Come with me while we checkout the best places to go, and what to do to stay safe.

The Big 4 car buying online review

My advice is to use the below car buying online websites, as well as edmonds.com, kbb.com (Kelly Blue Book) and jdpower.com, to do your research on the value of the car you’re looking for, what you should be paying for it and what the auto industry and consumers say about the vehicle in the reviews.

Here are the features I like the best about the big four…

Autotrader.com – This is a classified listing site. Most of their listings are car dealers with a few private owner listings sprinkled in between. There’s very helpful tips on buying new, certified preowned or used cars. Good place to visit to research seller asking price or to get retail and invoice pricing.

Cars.com – This is a classified listing site. Most of their listings are car dealers with a few private owner listings sprinkled in between. It has an awesome shopping advice section, particularly the manufacturer’s incentive programs, which is most useful when doing your research on cash back and special financing offered on your new car.

eBay Motors – You already know this…but I’ll tell you anyway…this is an auction site. Their listings are a 50/50 mix of car dealers and private party used car sellers. Here you’ll find a great tips and advice section that completely describes the car buying online process for both buyers and sellers of vehicles, and check this out…in the left column there is a “Search Options” section that allows you to query “Completed Listings”. By using this handy feature for the car you want, you now know what others have paid for the same vehicle…and therefore…what you should be paying too.